Ella is one of the finest millenary and jewellery designers.

Ella studied graphic design under the most appreciated designers in Israel and gained her first experience in their textile studio. She completed her studies and specialization at the Académie de Haute Couture Nebeling in Brussels in 1995.

While moving to Prague in the 2004, Ella began creating jewelleries using beads and semi-precious stones. She has designed numerous necklaces, bracelets and earrings to date. In December 2004, Ella presented her first collection of hats and jewelleries as part of a Gala fashion show hosted by UNICEF. Her work was a tremendous success and shortly after that, in June 2005, she was invited to participate in a very special event - A Gala Night in Prague.


Ella´s work was exhibited in Genève in 2008; her jewelleries can be seen in a permanent exhibition in Arad’s glass museum in Israel.

Thanks to Ella´s natural talent, sense and passion for colours, her work is extraordinary and glamorous. Each hat and jewellery is an original piece.

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